Knightscope Clients Give Positive Testimonials

June 14, 2022

Knightscope Clients Give Positive Testimonials

Knightscope announced today that three of its clients have provided positive testimonials to the merit and effectiveness of the Company’s technologies when used in real-world security applications. 

“Rovie K-Nueve has improved our site safety significantly! We have seen dramatic changes since we deployed the robot: the property vandalism/car break ins have reduced by 90%. The Robot joining the security officers' crew, has helped the Property, the Security Officers and SCPD tremendously. The break ins reduced from 10 a day to once or twice a month.”
- Tatiane Martins, Property Manager, Santa Clara Towers

"We’re proud Knightscope clients here at #ExtraSpaceStorage! Our Autonomous Security Robot, affectionately named WASA-B, was used to effectively mitigate a potential security risk on one of our properties. I couldn’t wait to share with my co-workers the next day!"
- Extra Space Storage

“We were looking at technology to provide an early warning system for our officers, in our layered approach to perimeter control. The Knightscope Robots provided this additional protection and have been well received by employees and patrons alike.”
- Michael J Rock, Director of Security, The Commerce Casino & Hotel

Knightscope is proud to share its clients’ successes, as they represent a small achievement toward the Company’s overall mission to make the United States the safest country on the planet.