Knightscope Adds Another New Fortune 500 Client

April 21, 2022
Knightscope Adds Another New Fortune 500 ClientKnightscope is honored to add a centuries-old consumer foods manufacturer to its growing list of Fortune 500 clients.  Knightscope’s  K5 Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) was selected to patrol one of many parking lots to thoroughly evaluate the service as an economical solution to augment security at almost 30 campuses nationally.  The first goal of an industrial manufacturer is safety for its employees both inside and outside the facility, and monitoring common exterior areas and access points is a key component to providing that safe environment.  A physical security presence, like Knightscope’s ASRs, may detect vulnerabilities and prevent intrusion for common threats such as workplace threats, violence, theft, counterfeiting, vandalism, and trespassing.  Many plants are fairly accessible and have multiple entrances, so investing in a state of the art mobile security system is an important avenue to secure a facility.